Maternity care

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Midwife Kaleigh honors natural birth in out of hospital settings.
Serving: Caldwell, Idaho; Middleton, Idaho; Nampa, Idaho; Parma, Idaho; Emmett, Idaho; Star, Idaho; Eagle, Idaho; Meridian, Idaho; Kuna, Idaho; Melba, Idaho; Homedale, Idaho; Wilder, Idaho; Fruitland, Idaho; Marsing, Idaho; Weiser, Idaho; Payette, ID
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Midwife Kaleigh supports active labor in home births.

Woman-Centered Midwifery Care

Here at Breathe, I believe that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are natural and normal biological processes. My role as a midwife is to encourage and facilitate health and safety from pregnancy to postpartum.

Your pregnancy, your way

Conception to six weeks after birth

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Midwife Kaleigh supports Women having Midwifery care in their homes during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum periods.

Prenatal Care

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Midwifery Care has been shown to reduce unneeded labor and delivery interventions. Midwife Kaleigh supports Women in their maternity care.

Out of Hospital Birth

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Midwife Kaleigh supports home birth, water birth, and out of hospital Midwifery care. She believes pregnancy is not an emergency and provides Midwifery care in your home.

Mother & Baby Care

Kaleigh Perry


Kaleigh is the owner of Breathe. She is a graduate of Mercy in Action College of Midwifery and licensed in the state of Idaho. Having had two out of hospital births, she wants to empower more women to have freedom of maternity care.

“Choosing to have an out of hospital birth means being responsible for your birth experience. It is my job to give you the resources and information to make informed choices, but it’s your journey.”

After getting her start under Clarissa Baxter at Nampa Midwifery, Kaleigh is passionate about providing maternity care that honors women and the process.

“My mission is to honor birth plans, prevent unnecessary interventions, and respect the intricacy of a natural physiological birth.”

Licensed Midwife Kaleigh Perry weighing newborn baby in hanging scale 

This baby was born in a birth center. Midwife Kaleigh has lots of experience with out of hospital, natural, physiological births.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a midwife?

The Midwifery Model of Care is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are a normal life process and not a medical emergency. This model of care, chosen by healthy individuals expecting to have normal pregnancies, is family centered and proven to reduce birth injuries, trauma, and cesarean sections.

A licensed midwife in Idaho has gone through rigorous training and has strict guidelines for scope of practice making them a safe out of hospital maternity care choice.

Do you do water birth and have a birth tub available?

Yes! And Yes! If you would like to labor and/or birth in a tub, there is one available for you.

How many midwives will be at my birth?

There will always be at least one licensed midwife and 1-2 assistants attending your birth.

What are the laws on due dates in Idaho?

In Idaho, preterm labor (before 37 weeks) and after 42 weeks gestation are legally required to have a hospital birth.

More than 95% of first time moms go past their due date, with the average being 9 days over. If you are at risk of going under or over, Kaleigh will discuss recommendations and supplements to help.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Midwives receive rigorous training to handle birth emergencies.

Kaleigh is CPR and NRP (infant CPR) certified.

She takes the following to every birth:

  • CPR & NRP supplies
  • Oxygen tank and mask
  • IV supplies and fluids
  • Medications for bleeding
  • Antibiotics for infection prevention (GBS)
  • Has the ability and equipment for providing stitches

When an individual needs higher level of care, Kaleigh will go to the hospital with her client where a doctor will provide treatment

Maternity Care with Breathe

Complete Maternity Care

Prenatal Care

  • Hour long visits
  • Natural and Holistic Options
  • Educational resources and pregnancy counseling
  • Prenatal labs and ultrasounds as indicated or desired

Home Labor and Birth

  • Home birth
  • Respect of the “Golden Hour”
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Water labor and birth
  • Management of complications if needed
  • Assesment and treatment of lacerations if needed
  • Newborn exam and assessment
  • Newborn procedures (Vitamin K, Eye Ointment, etc.) as desired

Postpartum Care

  • Hour long visits at frequent and regular intervals
  • Newborn care:
    • Metabolic Screening
    • Hearing Screening
    • Congenital heart defect screening
  • Postpart depression/anxiety support
  • Breastfeeding Support

Additional Services

Placenta Encapsulation

Well Women Exams

  • PAP Smear
Midwife Kaleigh holding a newborn baby as viewed through the lens of a camera

Midwife Kaleigh honors families being a part of active labor, water births, home births, and home care. Your baby your choice.

Breathe takes a limited number of clients each month to provide individualized care and midwife sustainability.

With that in mind, Breathe does not want to leave individuals without midwifery care during the current maternity care crisis. Kaleigh regularly leaves a spot open for late term transfers. If you are in need of care, please reach out to see if there is availability for you to have the home birth you desire.


"I always enjoyed my visits with them, they are super friendly, personable, and just outstanding at what they do. Kaleigh did an especially good job coaching me through my contractions and birth, I really don’t think I could have done it without the support I received from her."

"I have never been treated so well by medical professionals and had my decisions respected completely without any bias. My birth was incredible, I was able to completely trust my body and they trusted me and let me labor and birth the way I wanted. In return I had an amazing birth experience that helped to heal some of the old wounds from my first birth."

"I received all the important information I needed and never felt rushed in any appointments so I could always ask all the questions I had. My home birth was magical and having the ability to reach out to my birth team before, during, and after birth really helped me go through birth well and transition into my new role as a mother."

Mackenzie W.

Madison L.

Emily C.

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